UX/UI Designer

• Work closely with and understand the needs of various stakeholders to create UX and UI solutions on a variety of different features.
• Create and iterate on UI mockups for different menus and in-game systems while maintaining a consistent art style and adhering to established guidelines.
• Proactively find ways to improve the game’s user experience, both in-game and in the front end.
• Advocate for improving the accessibility, usability, and inclusiveness of all UI systems.
• Able to deliver creative solutions within constraints of the project’s scope and toolset.
• Provide team-facing documentation to inform and guide the work of other disciplines.
• Review and incorporate feedback on your work from leadership and other designers.

• professional experience in UX/UI design.
• Strong understanding of console UX/UI and usability principles.
• Proven capability to work on multidisciplinary project teams, able to handle changing priorities throughout a product life cycle.
• Excellent communication and presentation skills.
• Experience creating UX designs, screenflow, motion graphics, UI art, style guides, and supporting concepts.
• Have a good understanding of PC and Console control paradigms.

• CSS / Javascript experience
• A degree in design, human-computer interaction, cognitive science, human factors, or related fields.
• Experience designing player onboarding and tutorialization features.
• Experience creating and/or conducting user research activities.
• Experience playing a variety of strategy and action-adventure games.
• Experience with multiple areas of design (systems design, level design, UX/UI,.)
• Understanding of games as a service and the UX design of online portals.
• Traditional 2D sketching and composition skills

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