Technical Designer

The Technical Designer is responsible for supporting Level Building and Gameplay teams with the development of game mechanics and resources through scripting and rapid prototyping. The Technical Designer understands the performance and optimization of the Ureal / Unity levels and also the creation of tools that improve and simplify the production workflow and simplification of the Gameplay Prototyping components in the engine.


• Support the development of Gameplay prototypes and resources in project development.

• Propose, architect and implement strategies to improve the pipeline for each project and for the studio in an attempt to help simplify the gameplay mechanics and the creation of prototypes.

• Maintain performance and optimization efforts, maintaining good practices regarding the use of the engine and compliance with the existing architecture in the project.

• Provide accessibility to game designers by exposing configuration parameters to adjust behavior and balance.

• Develop a detailed study and list of requirements for features and mechanics for collaboration in the development of TDDs.


• Experience in designing and implementing game mechanics

• Experience in building gameplay prototypes through engine scripting for Unity and Blueprints projects in Unreal.

• Experience with scripting, python, C # languages

• Intermediate experience in C ++

• Experience in implementing UI in engines (UMG, Unity)

• Experience with performance tools in Unreal / Unity for various platforms.

• Experience in building pipeline tools for Unreal, Unity, Maya / Max and automation will be a differential

• Experience with project / script troubleshooting on the engine for consistency and performance.

• Strong knowledge of current scripting techniques for cinematics in engines (Matinee, Sequencer in Unreal, Timeline in Unity).

• High proficiency in solving technical problems.

• Experience working with performance and optimization for Consoles is an advantage.

• Knowledge of version control tools (SVN / Perforce).

Knowledge and Skills Required


• Academic training and technical requirements: Game Design, Game Programming.

• 3-5 years of experience in a similar role



Writing: Intermediate

Reading: Intermediate / Advanced

Oral Communication: Intermediate

• Proficient in computer skills and in the use of relevant software and other applications, for example, word processing, reports, database, internet.


• Analytical skills

• Communicative skills, appropriate to the audience.

• Problem solving

• Ability to work in a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment

• Deep motivational and teamwork skills

• Deep negotiation, facilitation and influence skills.


• Creativity, innovation and learning

• Communicate clearly and efficiently

• Good interpersonal relationship

• Cooperation

• Focus

• Organization

• Harmony

• Attention to deadlines

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