Tech Artist – Tools and Automation

We are seeking a Technical Artist to join our team, developing tools and automation scripts to support, improving, and saving time on art production pipelines for our studio and clients.

Being a part of Kokku means being able to work with comittment to excelence. As a result, we put our talents and efforts on making games better. In addition, only at Kokku you will have the opportunity to work with great IPs and major studios like Activision, Guerrilla Games, Netflix, Warner Brothers and Treyarch, to name a few.

At Kokku we have a team of experts, working on every stage of game production. We strongly believe in pushing boundaries and creating remarkable experiences.


Recife, PE – Brasil

The benefits about joining Kokku

  • Competitive financial reward;
  • Health Insurance;
  • A transparent and inclusion-oriented culture;
  • Relocation bonus,
  • Meal ticket;
  • Transport benefits and more.

As a Technical Artist you will

  • Help identify pipeline bottlenecks and design tools and solutions based on the team’s needs to turn these into time-saving opportunities without harming quality.
  • Design and implement procedural content systems and tools for studio projects using industry standard DCCs as well as scripts and code.
  • Create prototypes and iterate on your work based on both technical requirements and final users’ feedback.
  • Ensure that solutions are optimized following technical and production constraints while creating and maintaining workflow documentation and training materials for users.
  • Design and adjust produced tools complexity against target user profile improving usability.

We expect you to have

  • Advanced experience with Maya, Photoshop, Python, and MEL script.
  • Good knowledge of most common assets production pipelines (Rigging, – Skinning, UV Mapping, LOD, Image/Texture Treatment).
  • Good familiarity with most used game engines (Unreal, Unity, etc.) and their asset production requirements.
  • Good Troubleshooting skills.
  • Intermediate knowledge of 3DMax, MaxScript and Python FBX SDK

Would also be nice to have

  • Experience with Houdini and procedural content.
  • Experience on deploy plugins/add-ons to other art content packages such as Substance Painter/Designer and ZBrush.

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