Program Manager

Similar to the role of Project Manager, a Program Manager is responsible for designing, coordinating and improving the internal and external programs of an organisation. The Program manager role has a strong emphasis client relations and the ideal candidate must exhibit an outgoing and trusting demeanour as they will be the face of the company to the public. Program Managers work across a range of industries to deliver programs that align to the organisation’s strategic vision. A program can include, but is not limited to game development projects, Brand Development, Studio Culture Development, Employee Training, Community Outreach, Marketing, Social Media Planning, Company Service development, and Client Relationship Management. Note that the program management role is also there to support the team with ramp-up, training, day-to-day management, reviews, and scheduling and coordinate these efforts with project leads, managers, and POC’s (Points of contact). Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Portuguese is a must..

Program Manager duties and responsibilities:

There are a range of duties and responsibilities that employees in the Program Management family need to master in order to run programs successfully and economically. Here are some duties:

• Expanding program offering and enhancing the quality of existing programs

• Developing and implementing strategy for the program team, including developing a robust risk mitigation plan

• Understanding how different projects/programs interlink and overlap

• Working with the HR team to manage staff and resources for programs

• Liaising with the marketing and communications team to increase awareness of programs

• Managing budgets and reporting on fund allocation

• Participating in new project bid and quote estimations.

• Participate in program content design, submissions and reviews

• Coordinating and running events and workshops

• Gathering feedback and presenting insights through regular team retrospectives.

• Reporting on program performance to executive team and directors

• Identifying opportunities for continual improvement

• Developing industry partnerships

• Ensuring relevant standards, process and regulations are upheld

Program Management job qualifications and requirements:

The most valuable qualifications will vary for the Program Management job family, given that it is an important role that traverses industries and organizations. As such, the role ask for one or more formal qualifications in the subjects below:

• Business or Business Administration

• Management

• Engineering

• Construction

• Marketing

• IT or Computer Science

Five or more years’ experience in a similar role who have worked on successful, large-scale programs.

Expanding the Program Management Career Path

At higher levels of the Program Management Career path, from Manager level and above, the role can redirect towards more specialized focuses such as;

Producer / Executive Producer

Product Management

Business Development

Project Management.

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