Gameplay AI Engineer

Programmer Job Family

As a programmer who can turn a game idea into code on a fast moving environment, you will be involved in various aspects of game’s creation from concept to finished product including coding, programming, audio, production and visual effects.


– Design, build and optimize artificial intelligence technologies that are engaging and surprising

– Evaluate project goals and determine the most suitable approach to building AI

– Work with the content and gameplay teams to realize the project’s vision

– Develop strategies for debugging and testing AI efficiently

– Find opportunities for applying AI to content creation pipelines


– Proficiency in C/C++, C#, or similar programming languageKnowledge of common AI constructs used in games like state-machines, behavior trees, utility AI, and pathfinding algorithms

– Good debugging, problem-solving and research skills

– Familiarity with other AI techniques like neural networks, machine learning, and genetic algorithms

– Good communication skills and team work

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