Education and Talent Development Supervisor

We are seeking an Education and Talent Development Supervisor to train and retain the best employees.


  • Responsible for creating a training and development program aligned with Kokku’s strategic plan.
  • Responsible for identifying individual learning initiatives that facilitate employee development
  • Responsible for the employees selected for Talent Management to obtain the resources and information necessary for their development.
  • Align the leadership development program that meets the current and future needs of your company (workforce planning).
  • Coordinate intellectual property protection and knowledge management documentation
  • Responsible for calculating the ROI on any development, education and learning related activities
  • Responsible for the development of the onboarding meeting and induction program, as well as its updates for all new employees
  • Responsible for all logistics organization for Education, Development and Learning activities
  • Dive into all of Kokku’s technical knowledge
  • Search for the best external consultants in conducting the acquisition of new knowledge.


Academic training and technical requirements: Pedagogy, Social Communication, or proven experience in the area.

Languages: Advanced English.

Desirable knowledge of agile methods, PMBOK, hybrid production methods and Tayloring

Be a member of the facilitators

The Education and Talent Development supervisor needs to be able to collect, gather and analyze data and present concise and reliable results.

Have the ability to speak clearly in public and written fluency

Understanding adult learning methods and instructional design is essential for them to create effective training materials

Skills to conduct learning on web platforms in EAD mode

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