Account Manager

The Account Manager aims to respond to customer inquiries and identify new business opportunities among existing customers, while working with the studio’s business units to develop sales growth strategies to increase interest in providing the best. customer experience.

Account Manager Role

• Manage the assigned portfolio of accounts (customers) to achieve long-term success

• Develop positive relationships with customers

• Act as the point of contact and deal with the client’s individual needs

• Generate new business using existing and potential customer networks

• Resolve conflicts and provide solutions to clients in a timely manner

• Report on the status of accounts and transactions

• Align personal work objectives with the goals of the sales account defined by the supervisors and aligned with the objectives of Kokku.

• Monitor sales metrics (for example, quarterly sales results and annual forecasts)

• Suggest actions to improve sales performance and identify growth opportunities

• Ensure timely and successful delivery of our services according to the client’s needs and goals

• Assist with challenging customer requests or escalating issues as needed

• Ensuring the suitability of sales-related equipment or material

• Store and classify financial and non-financial data in electronic format and present reports

• Handle the processing of RFPs and RFIs with precision and punctuality

• Assist in the preparation and organization of promotional material or events

• Ensure compliance with laws and policies

• Work closely with designated customers to determine needs.

• Keep up to date on the company’s products and services.

• Preparation and sending of communications to customers.

• Maintain a customer database.

• Act as the point of contact for customers

• Organize regular meetings with the client to discuss their requirements

• Identify new potential customers

• Ensure that budget and time requirements are met

• Keep up to date with new features and product launches

• Suggest innovative ideas to increase sales and improve the customer experience Negotiate contracts and handle paperwork (for example, invoices, orders)

• Follow up regularly after closing a sale to ensure customer satisfaction

• Refer questions to interested parties.

• Introduce new or additional products and services to existing customers

• Address potential customers through calls, e-mail, etc. to meet sales goals

Work planning processes:

• Identify opportunities for continuous improvement in line with sales targets;

• Promote interest in providing the best customer experience in its class

• Account manager will act as an intermediary between project teams and clients in the mutual interest of the client and the Kokku project team and must ensure that there is alignment between the two groups.

• Follow up regularly after closing a sale to ensure customer satisfaction

• Support or facilitate reporting on sales activities, account status and possible issues

Dealing with Problems:

• Respond promptly to customer questions and complaints to find solutions and reduce tension

• Support or facilitate reporting on sales activities, account status and possible issues

• Solve problems and deal with complaints in a timely manner

• Handling customer complaints and concerns

• Inform customers of unforeseen delays or problems

Knowledge, Skills, Values ​​and Behaviors Required to Achieve the Job Objectives


• Academic background and technical requirements: Social Communication (Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising and Advertising) Administration, Business Management, International Relations

• 5 years of experience in a similar role

• Understanding sales performance metrics

• Experience in the gaming industry is an advantage

• Practical experience in customer service

• Languages: Advanced English

• Knowledge of CRM software – HubSpot – and MS Office (MS Excel)


• Communicative skills

• Persuasion

• Deep knowledge dissemination skills

• Analytical skills

• Critical Thinking

• Oratory

• Time management and analytical skills

• Excellent communication and negotiation skills

• Excellent multitasking skills


• Business vision with problem solving attitude

• Promote innovation and learning

• Planning and Organization

• Results orientation

• Assertive

• Autonomy to fulfill your responsibilities

• Ability to deliver projects and respond to inquiries on time

• Goal oriented with the ability to work under pressure

• Assertiveness and Trust

Institutional Values

• Innovation

• Quality

• Equality

• Resilience

• Feedback

• Union

• Agility

Physical Environment

• This position is based in the city of Recife-PE and other units in Brazil.

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