No Less Rights: Kokku’s Ongoing Commitment to Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality

International Women’s Month serves as a reminder to acknowledge and contemplate the ongoing struggle for gender equality. Despite advancements, the journey toward gender equality is far from complete, with women across the globe confronting systemic barriers and disparities in all walks of life. Since 2022, Kokku’s “No Less Right” program has been fighting for women’s […]

Navigating Challenges and Sparking Innovation in Gaming

What are you expecting from the gaming market in 2024?
One of the significant emerging trends for 2024 is Game-as-a-Service (GaaS), where subscription services can adapt to diverse customer profiles, creating a valuable business opportunity in this still-expanding market.
Explore Kokku’s analysis of the gaming industry’s trends, how these innovations will impact the game development market, and how we can extract valuable opportunities for our partners.
Check out this insight and many others in Kokku’s article by our Production Manager, Caio Scheidegger:

Understanding Immersive Reality: Creation on Roblox

During the BIG Festival session titled “Understanding Immersive Reality: Creation on Roblox,” several key points were discussed. Carlos Estigarribia, our Head of Business Development, along with Simone Dawson, Senior Program Manager at Roblox’s Developer Relations team, shared insightful comments about the emerging generation of platforms and audiences. Here’s a recap: Roblox, according to Kokku, is […]

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in Game Development (Beyond LinkedIn Posts)

In today’s global gaming landscape, diversity shouldn’t be treated as a buzzword; it is a fundamental aspect that boosts gaming studios and shapes company culture and builds opportunities. It profoundly influences how developers create worlds, concept characters, and craft narratives. At Kokku, we have taken it upon ourselves to make diversity an integral part of our development […]

Explore the Unbounded Power of Latin American Gaming Innovation.

Kokku is an international standard of quality in AAA games and the leader in the market in Latin America. By introducing the best AAA games to the Latin America market with a pioneering mindset, we impacted the game industry. We have solidified our position as the main force behind the gaming scene in Latin America […]

Previsões para a indústria de mobile games em 2023

By Carlos Estigarribia, Head of Business Development at Kokku 2022 foi um ano difícil para a indústria de games, e ainda mais para o setor mobile. Depois de um início fabuloso com várias fusões e aquisições (Microsoft com Activision/King, Take2 com a Zynga), e muito hype em cima dos blockchain games, o que se viu […]

Kokku: único negócio brasileiro a desenvolver em parceria games AAA

Interview for Agência Sebrae de Notícias. Read the original article here: A Kokku é a única empresa de games no Brasil que participa e codesenvolve jogos conhecidos como triple A (AAA), tanto para PC como para dispositivos móveis, que são reconhecidos pela alta qualidade e pelos maiores orçamentos do mercado, em geral figurando entre os melhores do ano. Para […]